Investing in Las Vegas

300,000$ Canadian will buy you a 225,000$ US House

1,650$ rent income per month

186$ Tax per month

75$ HOA Homeowners Association per month

165$ management at 10% of rental income per month

50$ Insurance per month

100$ maintenance repairs per month

Totals 1,074$ USD net per month

Investing in Toronto

300,000$ Condo

1,400$ rent income per month

159$ tax per month

381$ HOA Homeowner Association condo fees

30$ Insurance per month

50$ maintenance repairs per month

112$ management at 8% of rental income per month

Totals 668$ cdn net per month

Even with the current exchange rate, investing in Las Vegas is a great value and return on investment.

So, Why Invest in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas rents are rising, Many homes are rented to individuals receiving government assistance, this assistance is usually paid directly to the owner, so payments are guaranteed. In addition Las Vegas has great weather, no hurricanes or natural disasters, allowing for low insurance rates. The weather and the thriving industry draws new residents to Las Vegas daily.

Why Invest Now?

The future in Las Vegas is really promising; with rising property and rising rental values. The Great Recession was years ago. The Las Vegas Valley is recovering, many potential buyers are cleaning up their credit and will be able to apply for mortgages and buy. Rental vacancy rates are very low, and unemployment rates have greatly improved. With property values on the rise, this is the time to buy.

We are a private investment company with partners across the globe, we manage investments in Toronto, and Las Vegas, and Israel.